Wizard Day Camp - Wizards Magic Spell Smoky Cauldrons

Greystone Wizard Academy Summer Day Camp

July 13 – 17  •  Discover your own magical powers at Wizard Day Camp!  At Greystone Wizard Academy, campers will be sorted into a house and tested on wand skills.  Use enchanted ingredients to complete potion experiments and head outdoors to play Quidditch. Attend magical classes all while working together to defeat evil. Returning students are rewarded for their accomplishments and 5th year student are eligible to become Prefects.

Fans of Harry Potter and other magical stories will enjoy costumes and props, transporting them to a magical world!

Wizard Day Camp is perfect for ages 6-12 – girls & boys.

Day Camp runs daily 9am – 4pm with extended hours available.

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Wizard Day Camp - Wizards Magic Spell Smoky Cauldrons

Wizard Spring Day Off Camp


Banish spring break boredom with Wizard Spring Day off Camp!

Witches & Wizards wanted for a Horcrux Hunt!

Ages 6-12 • $55 • Green Lane Park, Hemlock Point Day Use Area, Behind Marlborough Elementary

Campers will enjoy a very special quest, themed activities and games.  Bring a packed lunch, a water bottle, and dress for the weather when attending Wizard Spring Day Off Camp.



Summer Quests is a themed weekly day camp where your camper is the hero!

Creative kids ages 6-14 join forces to complete an imaginative adventure living out their favorite stories in the wilds of Green Lane Park. Every week campers embark on a unique journey, with other kids just like them, campaigning together from challenge to victory!


– Wizard
– Knight
– Pirate
– Dungeons & Dragons
– and more!


At Summer Quests Day Camp, we don’t just go for a hike, we embark on a mission!  A game allows the wizards in training to practice with their wands and a craft provides the campers with a tool they need to move forward in their adventure.  Campers will engage with the theme during high quality activities, actively participate in moving ahead in the story, connect with fellow campers, and learn a few things along the way. Every summer camp theme will come alive with costumes and props!  Campers will complete many themed projects that can be taken home and enjoyed after camp like a pirate/knight sword, a wizard broom, or fairy wings.

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